Don’t be afraid to build muscle!

There is a fear amongst women that lifting weights will make you bulky,  and resemble the incredible hulk.  Luckily this is far from the truth,  in fact lifting your bodyweight, dumbbells or the barbell will build lean muscle and change your body-shape,  giving you a leaner look without the huge muscles you fear.  The muscle you build will in turn burn more calories throughout the day helping to boost your metabolism,  help maintain muscle tone and also may help prevent weight-gain after a certain age. The first false I need to cover is the humungous muscles your not going to grow!   Men are much more naturally muscular than women,  they produce a muscle driving hormone called TESTERONE,  we women don’t produce as much of this hormone as men do and we are also not designed to build muscles like men,  women who do build larger muscles use help from supplements and they are normally competing in the world of bodybuilding so need these muscles.  So ultimately the…

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