Fitness Focus: Weird Gym Equipment

Variety is the spice of life, and you should add some of that spice to your workouts. Get acquainted with some of the “weird” equipment there is in the gym and learn how to correctly use it to target certain body parts.
Battling Ropes
Battling Ropes have had a resurgence mainly due to a pioneer of strongman training, John Brookfield. They are low-impact and can work the entire body very effectively. Core strength is very important to keep you in proper form and avoid injuries using the ropes. You can throw in battle rope exercises as part of an interval training series, or do an entire workout with just the ropes. Common exercises are waves, slams, circles, snakes, claps, hip tosses, and figure eights.
Go-to move: Alternate Wave Squats
Try it: Alternate arms lifting and lowering to make waves with the ropes as you squat down and up.
What it works: Core, shoulders, glutes, and thighs.

Sleds are one of the most effective and versatile conditioning tools…

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