How to Master Deficit Deadlifts How to Master Deficit Deadlifts

How to Do A Deficit Deadlift
Start by setting up your platform, and have the bar centered over your feet on the floor.
Focus on keeping your feet in alignment with your hips. Bend at the hip to grip the bar and prepare for the lift. It’s crucial that you bend at the hip and keep your back straight, as a curved spine won’t provide enough leverage and could put you at risk for injury. Once you have your grip in place, bend your knees and lower your hips, pulling the weight up to your shins.
Then, put your weight into the heels for stability, maintain your posture, and continue to pull the bar up. You can look forward and arch your back slightly during this movement. Once you’ve gotten the bar above your knees, pull the weight back and straighten up, pulling your shoulder blades together and hips forward. You’ll need to do this in one motion to ensure you have enough leverage to get the bar up. Your lower back will naturally start to round as you do this to allow you to…

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