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The decline press isn’t as popular as its flat or incline bench counterparts, but is still a very effective exercise. Proficient at working the lower chest, it’s also a great strength builder, as it generally has a shorter range of motion and allows you to use more weight. Some lifters also prefer the decline press because it can be one of the safest horizontal pressing variations.Before to Bench, use a max bench calculator. Thankfully we have one ready.
Target the Lower Pecs Primarily, the decline press targets the lower portion of the pecs. Of course, this is all relative, as it depends on how much of an angle you’re pressing at. In general, the lower your shoulders drop below your waist, the lower on the pec emphasis ends up being placed.
Decline Press for Strength? Although the decline press does target the lower pec more, you’re also bringing the bar down to the lower pec more, too. In other words, because of how the body is placed, proper form will see you lowering…

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