Trigger Point Therapy – Rectus Abdomini –

Trigger Point Overview – Rectus Abdomini
Trigger points in the rectus abdomini are often associated with lower back pain
The rectus abdominis flexes the lumbar spine, depresses the rib cage and stabilizes pelvis during walking. 
This is the muscle which is activated while doing so-called “crunches” because it pulls the ribs and the pelvis in, and curves the back.

Rectus Abdominis – Trigger Point Referred Pain Maps

These muscles are also used when a child is delivered, during bowel movements, and coughing. 
When this muscle is exercised and layers of fat disappear from the abdomen, the exposed rectus abdominis muscle creates the look of a “six pack.”
Strengthening this muscle is often recommended for people suffering with back pain.

Rectus Abdominis – Common Trigger Point Sites

The rectus abdominis is divided by tendinous bands into three or four bellies, each sheathed in aponeurotic fibers from the lateral abdominal muscles….

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