How to Find And Use Long Tail Keywords to Increase Search Traffic Easily – Blogging Tips Article

Hands down, search traffic is the best traffic source anyone can use to build a profitable blog that makes money. But there’s one issue with getting more traffic from search engines: it usually takes a lot of time (especially if you’ve a new website). Here’s where long tail SEO comes into play. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve a new blog or an authority site, you can use long tail keywords to generate more organic traffic to your sites really fast.…

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How to Find The Best Social Media Platform For Your Business (the Sweet Spot) – – Blogging Tips Article

Not sure what the best social media platform is for you? If you’re overwhelmed by social media networks and choosing between them, then you’re in the right place. In this post, I’m sharing some key ways to narrow down the best social media platform (or platforms!) for you and your business – so you can start to spend more time where you need to be… and get results. BY DONNA MORITZ | PUBLISHED 12 AUGUST, 2018 I get asked all…

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