2 Essential Techniques For Getting Back To Your Workouts

For most people, it’s not if you’ll fall off your workouts, it’s when. Believe it or not, it’s not an indictment on your character – it just is. But getting back to your workouts needs attention, just like anything else you want to happen in your life.
We tend to think of our workouts as a luxury or “add-on” in our lives. So they’re the first things to go when life gets busy. That’s a reason for falling off, but what’s the solution?
I don’t believe in guilt, shame, or looking back when my clients miss workouts. Moving forward can only happen if you hold your head high and hop back on with self-love and forgiveness. After all, we know you want this. But your workouts have either fallen to a lower priority or your motivation is lagging. Either way, it’s a normal part of the process that can be fixed.
Falling off happens for a variety of reasons, but I’ve found these factors are always true:
The less experienced you are with falling off and getting…

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