Rehabilitation: (n)  The action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training.

Pre-habilitation: (n)  To take preliminary action towards restoring health and normal life through training.

When a focus is put on preventive action, strength training becomes less about the sole purpose of trying to reach the max load to move during a simple movement pattern and more about predisposing the body to be successful before the occurrence of an injury.

This Is Intrinsic Strength Training.

When walking down a windy path, change directions…What are the legs doing?

When we carry, push, or pull a given item…What are the legs doing?

When I propose the question of what the legs are doing, bring a focus to what is happening within the relationship of the Legs, Hips, and spine.

The Legs, Hips, and Spine are constantly moving in and out of different positions.

When changing direction, Does your body weight shift to one leg over another?


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