Going From A to B – Box33 Adaptive Strength

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” – Harry Truman
Whenever you start a new endeavour, to get the maximum results in the shortest possible time you generally need to know 2 things
1) Where are you now
2) Where you want to go
And as the saying goes… It is like going from A to B.
Once you know these 2 things you can map out a plan and get moving towards B.

The diagram above is how most people think. This is a very linear, one dimensional approach.
But what happens if you don’t have a compass. How do you know you are going to be moving in the right direction?
This is where to true problem exists.
Most people don’t have a compass and don’t know which way to move.
This leads to inaction… being paralysed.
You want to make a move, but it’s easier to make excuses because it’s scary to take the first step.
All these questions start popping into your head… What if I move in the wrong direction… Will I be wasting…

This is only a snippet of a Workout Fitness Article written by Kurt Edmonds

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